Dr Bruce Grossinger: Why Does Good Mental Health Matter A Lot in Sports?

As an athlete, you have to spend long hours to train, make it to games punctually, and sometimes deal with physical injuries that can affect your game. But what about the mental health aspect of your sporting life? How can your mental health affect your ability to succeed in sports? Dr Bruce Grossinger will discuss why mental health greatly matters in sports and athletes.

Mental Health Is Also Vital, Just Like Physical Health

While you think of sports as an effective gateway for better physicality, they can also help in making your mental health better, since it serves as an outlet for your stress and anxiety. In fact, many well-known athletes have already talked about the ways in which sports helped them get rid of their mental issues.

And it’s not just professional athletes and sports participants who experience these mental and emotional issues: the National Alliance on Mental Illness recently estimates that one in five adults experiences some kind of mental illness each year!

The truth here is that no matter who you are or what your background may be, everyone surely deals with stress at some point in their lives – and sometimes that stress leads you down dark paths if left unchecked.

For example: did you know that 1 out of 5 college students today have gone through depression at one point while they’re in college? Besides, another percentage of these students say they’re quite stressed out due to their worries about their finances and other intimate problems.

Sports Can Be Effective In Establishing One’s Mental Foundation

There’s no denying that sports are highly beneficial for one’s physical health, but they can also help with your mental state in some pretty significant ways.

Through sports, you can learn how to deal with failure, success, and pressure. They can teach you how to deal with emotions and stressful situations. Dr Bruce Grossinger And if you’re playing sports competitively at a professional level, these kinds of heavy feelings are going to come up often!

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