Dr David Stager: Can Adult Strabismus Be Corrected Successfully?

Strabismus can be caused by muscle imbalance, nerve problems, or other issues that affect vision. While strabismus can be present at birth, it might not be noticed until later in life when children start having trouble learning to read or follow objects with their eyes.

As an adult, if you notice that your eyes are misaligned, you might wonder if surgery could help correct this problem, and Dr David Stager will explain it here.

Strabismus Is Where The Eyes Are Not Aligned Correctly

Strabismus refers to a visual condition where the eyes are not aligned correctly. This can be mainly caused by muscle imbalance or misalignment of the eye muscles, and it can be present from birth or develop later in life.

Persons with strabismus may have double vision (diplopia), where they see two things at once rather than one image on each retina. They may also have difficulty focusing on objects because of poor eye coordination or sensory integration problems, which prevent them from processing visual information correctly by using both eyes together.

Occlusion Therapy Helps Misaligned Eyes Due To Muscle Imbalance

Occlusion therapy for strabismus takes about 20 minutes per day for two weeks or longer, depending on how severe your misalignment is. You’ll be able to see results within six weeks of starting occlusion therapy–but if you stop before then (or if you don’t follow through with it), your eyes may go back into their original position again!

Occlusion therapy costs about $1,000 per month, and insurance may cover part of this cost depending on your coverage plan and provider network. In addition, there are some risks associated with occlusion therapy including dryness in exposed areas like lips and cheeks from wearing goggles all day long.

Surgery Is Sometimes An Option For Adult Strabismus

And lastly, undergoing surgery is sometimes an effective option for adult strabismus. This type of surgery can greatly help align the eyes and improve vision, but it may not be successful, depending on the cause of the strabismus in your eyes.

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