Nathan DeLadurantey: Why Hire Lawyers To Deal With Lemon Car Cases?

If you bought a new car that has been in the shop more than it was on the road, then your vehicle may be a lemon. Lemon laws in Wisconsin exist to protect consumers from buying defective vehicles that they can’t use.

However, these laws are complex and confusing, especially if you’ve never dealt with one before. That’s why hiring an attorney with experience handling lemon law cases like Nathan DeLadurantey can help ensure you get the best outcome for your situation.

Warranty Contracts Are Often Complex And Confusing

As a consumer, you may not be able to understand your warranty contract. Warranty contracts are often written in legalese and have lots of fine print that can make them hard to read. Many people don’t understand what their rights are when it comes to lemon cars, so they don’t know what questions to ask or how far they can go with their case.

This means that your best bet is hiring an attorney who specializes in lemon law cases if you want someone on your side who knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes time for negotiations with the manufacturer or dealer selling your vehicle.

Lemon Laws Cover Various Aspects, But Not All Cars Have Lemon Laws

Nathan DeLadurantey If you’re in the market for a car, it’s important to know what your lemon law rights are. Lemon laws vary by state and can cover defects in materials and design, but not all states have these laws on the books. Even if your state does have lemon laws, it’s still possible that your particular vehicle isn’t covered under them.

If you bought a used car from an individual seller without going through an official dealership or private sales agency, then there’s no guarantee that any defects were disclosed when they sold the vehicle to you. And even if they were disclosed, those disclosures may not be legally binding if there wasn’t an actual contract between buyer and seller at the time of sale.

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