Salient features of iPhone 11 Pro Screens

What new features has Apple packed into the iPhone 11 Pro screens? In this blog post, we’ll explore the many new features and improvements to the iPhone 11 Pro’s screen that make it stand out from its predecessors.
High-resolution Super Retina XDR display
Apple’s new Super Retina XDR display is the latest and greatest screen technology on the iPhone 11 Pro. With a stunning 5.8-inch OLED display and 2,436 x 1,125 pixels (458 PPI) resolution, the Super Retina XDR display offers a crisp and clear image with incredibly vivid colours.
Higher Contrast Ratio
The iPhone 11 Pro provides users with an incredible 2 million to one contrast ratio. This improved contrast ratio will make the display appear sharper and more vivid. Additionally, the higher contrast ratio increases overall battery life since the display can use less energy to display images.
Haptic Touch
The latest feature on the iPhone 11 Pro screens is the addition of Haptic Touch. This is a more advanced version of 3D Touch, a technology first introduced with the iPhone 6s. With Haptic Touch, you’ll be able to interact with your phone by pressing and holding the screen instead of using 3D Touch. Haptic Touch detects how hard you are pressing on the display and then provides subtle vibrations as feedback.
HDR Video Support
The iPhone 11 Pro has a great display, but one of its most impressive features is its ability to support HDR (High Dynamic Range) video. HDR video allows you to see a wider range of colours and brightness, giving your videos a more vibrant and lifelike look. HDR also supports brighter highlights and deeper blacks, allowing you to see more detail in the shadows and highlights
True Tone Display
True Tone is a great addition to the already excellent displays found on Apple devices. It adjusts the display’s white balance to match the ambient light in your environment, making it easier on the eyes and reducing strain. True Tone also makes images look more accurate, as it automatically adjusts to the lighting in the room.