Standing Tall Against The Flu: Preparing For The Upcoming Flu Season By Dr Faris Abusharif

As the hues of autumn gradually weave their magic, and the cold winds begin to howl, we know the flu season is knocking at our door. This seasonal visitor, while usually not life-threatening for most, can be unpleasant and temporarily incapacitate us. So, how we can equip ourselves to dodge the pesky flu bug or, at least, keep its effects to a minimum?

Get the Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Our first line of defense against the flu is to get vaccinated annually. The vaccine prepares your immune system to combat the strains of the virus expected to be most prevalent in the upcoming season Dr Faris Abusharif.

Practice Good Hygiene

Maintain good hygiene by washing your hands regularly, especially before meals and after using public transports or spaces. Replacing handshakes with elbow bumps, using tissues or elbow folds while sneezing, avoiding touching your face unnecessarily, all contribute to reducing the risk of infection.

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Bolstering our immune systems is fundamental in flu prevention, according to Dr Faris Abusharif . A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, regular physical activity, sufficient sleep, and staying hydrated all contribute to a healthy immune system.

Keep Your Surroundings Clean

Frequently-touched surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and gadgets can be hotspots for germs. Regular cleaning and disinfecting of these surfaces can help minimize the chances of flu spread.

Avoid Contact With Sick People

Steer clear of close contact with people who are ill, as flu viruses can easily spread from person to person through droplets when they cough, sneeze or talk.


Remember: although there’s no foolproof method to guarantee 100% flu prevention, these steps can significantly lower your risk. Flu season, like all seasons, is transient and shouldn’t dampen the spirit of enjoying the cozy, frost-sprinkled times. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking some preventive measures, we can march towards the flu season armed and ready to battle the unwelcomed flu invader. Stay healthy, stay prepared, and let’s turn the tide against the flu together Dr Faris Abusharif!

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